After a long journey by India I understood that I had connected myself with this country, with its philosophy, its culture, the traditions - the true wealth and treasure of India, but what mainly impressed me most was the internal peace of mind and the calmness of the Indians. By that I was such a way affected when I returned in the year 2000 to Europe, that my philosophy to see the things and to act were completely changed. Thats why I wanted to create a small "Indian corner", where I habitually live, in Santanyi.

The "Restaurante India" in Santanyi offers to his guests an exact image of the culinary culture of that country. I thank to the indian cooks of elevated kitchen to be able to strive for my idea. With our internal vegetable garden we offer exquisite vegetable, as never before served to you in luxury atmosphere hindu.

The kitchen of the Restaurant has a field of view, that allows to see each passage by hand them of each one of the extensive one provided of plates of this so traditionally elaborated kitchen with the authentic equipación like the tandoor furnace. Our kitchen with open field of vision permits you to observe each step of the preparation of our selected courts, everything traditionally elaborated freshly and in manual work with authentic equipment, like the Tandoor furnace. With the flavour of sandalwood we send you to India.

The fascinacion will be starting from the moment of entering this idyllic place, from the peace you breathe, the candle light, , the colors and the perfume, together with the extraordinary decoration, antiques, silver, something mysterious, piles of silk cushions, everything bathed into rose leafs, obtained of our great rose garden, particularly layed out for the restaurant, soft music in the background... - a celebration for the senses. I would like to denominate it a small temple, where our special equipment hoping to satisfy you.

For the love of India, the promoter and producer of the idea

Jesús Martinéz

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